Entopix Thematic

What are your customers trying to tell you?

The digital revolution has left organizations everywhere with a wealth of untapped information—especially when it comes to customer feedback. Entopix Thematic can help you understand the Who, What, Why and How buried all that text. Your customers are trying to give you answers. You just have to find them.

marketingKnow what the market wants

  • Uncover the reasons behind customer satisfaction
  • Quantify and track opinions
  • See effects of market and product strategy

marketingAct upon customer feedback

  • Find pressing issues & solve them
  • Route comments to those who can act on them
  • Decide on the best strategy for different markets

marketingLess reading, more analysing

  • Let algorithms read & summarize the comments
  • Make your customer insight team more efficient
  • Remove human bias from understanding customer feedback

What can Entopix Thematic do for you?

  • Sort and analyse text-based data such as open-ended survey questions and call center comments.
  • Improve performance by tracking specific areas including customer service and delivery speed
  • Enhance customer care by prioritising feedback based on level of frustration
  • Increase productivity by automating tasks that were once done by hand,
  • Gain data-driven insights to take immediate action and measure results
  • Works seamlessly with Excel, Tableau, or any other tool to analyse and organize results easily

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